10 ways to live a wonderful life

by Brian Tracy

Uwaga! Wersja (analiza) tylko PO ANGIELSKU! Ale najpierw kilka słów wyjaśnienia.

Osiągnięcie takiego poziomu językowego, który umożliwi Ci czytanie książek / słuchanie audiobooków po angielsku to wręcz niesamowite uczucie. Wiedzą o tym moi językowi podopieczni, z których większość już w zasadzie w naszej początkowej fazie współpracy zaczyna nie tylko mówić, ale i czytać / słuchać po angielsku. Taki poziom jest EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY do osiągniecia, jeżeli wiesz jak to zrobić.

Audiobook „10 ways to live a wonderful life” (dosł. „10 sposobów na wspaniałe życie”) to nie tylko świetna opcja na osłuchanie się, ale również POTĘŻNA DAWKA wiedzy, inspiracji i motywacji. Abstrahując już od FENOMENALNEGO angielskiego na najwyższym poziomie.

Poniżej przeczytacie cytaty, które zmieniły moje życie.

Rzuć okiem, przemyśl, zmień swoje życie. Pamiętaj, że po „przebłysku” należy działać. Od samego przeczytania nie zrobisz postępu. Zapraszam. Zawsze Step by Step. Kornel Paszkiewicz.

Poniżej przeczytacie cytaty, które zmieniły moje życie. Rzuć okiem, przemyśl, zmień swoje życie. Pamiętaj, że po „przebłysku” należy działać. Od samego przeczytania nie zrobisz postępu. Zapraszam. Zawsze Step by Step. Kornel Paszkiewicz.

Cytaty i fragmenty:

The law of cause and effect = Your life is the result od Your previous actions.

You must take responsibility for all Your actions if You want to be successful.

Look on the bright sight.

Thoughts = Causes.

Conditions = Effects.

Happy people think about what they want


Unhappy people think about what they don’t want.

It’s learnable to be optimistic.


– keep looking at their dreams and go for it;

– they learn from bad experiences;

– become unnshakable optimists;

– seek valueable lessons from every situation.

Take care of Your body:

The law of USE: if You don’t USE Your body, You LOSE Your body.

Stay in the game.

Serve others.

Be involved all the time. Meet people.

Make other people feel important:

a) acceptance _ just smile to others;

b) an attitude of gratitude – just say „Thank You” on every occassion;

c) the deepest craving of all – praise and approval. Give praise and approvals to others;

d) Looking good! Admire people.

e) practice white magic: practise attention.

Listen attentively.

Pause answering.

Ask questions.

Do something special with Your time.

Relationships are crucial.

Spend much time with people WHO are important to You.

Make others feel important.

Be compassionate.

Raise self-esteem of others.

Learn something New every day.

Your mind is the most powerful tool.

Your mind is like a muscle. Keep it active.

Dedicate yourself to life-learning.

Television is like a chewing gum to Your eyes. It’s passive. You become lazy.

Turn Your car into a classroom on the wheels.

Take care of number 1 (mind and soul).

Perform at Your best by sleeping well.

Come to be future-oriented.

Don’t complain about the past.

What do I have to do to create my ideal future?

Be a problem-solver.

Be a solution-oriented person.

Get connected to the world.

Get started today.

Stop worrying and start living!

Take things one day at a time.

Take Control of Your thinking.

21 ideas:

  1. Decide how long You want to live.

All successful people are decisive.

Intelligence means You make steps towards progress (an intelligent act).

Write down Your goals!

Read and learn continually!

Take action!

Resolve to make progress.

As long as I have my health I can do everytjing.

  1. Get ready to check-ups.

Never cheap on Your health.

Be at the top of Your form.

  1. Maintain Your ideal weight.

Write it down. Make a plan. Work on Your plan every day.

Eat less and exercise more.

Make a decision and stick to it.

Put a photo of Your ideal physique in front od You.

Get trim.

  1. Eat the right foods.
  2. Practise proper eating habits.

Be ready for work at the crack of dawn.

Don’t feel drowsy / sluggish.

  1. Take Proper food supplements
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Take care of Your mouth.
  4. Exercise the law of use.
  5. Sleep well.
  6. Learn how to breathe.
  7. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  8. Drive to stay alive.
  9. Practise personal safety habits.
  10. Develop a winning attitude.
  11. Develop a proper perspective.

Never complain never explain.

  1. Build strong relationships,

Make them feel important.

  1. Get involved and stay involved.
  2. Continue reading and growing.
  3. Be an excellent person in every way

Have clear values. Stick to them. Have high standards.

21 Take a positive approach.

Make sure even the undertaker / gravedigger will be sad during your funeral 😊

Step by Step. Kornel Paszkiewicz

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