Personal success

by Brian Tracy

Kolejny tydzień więc KOLEJNA KSIĄŻKA i kolejny SKALP z „Biblioteki Sukcesu” by Brian Tracy.

Cytaty, fragmenty, myśli nieuczesane. No i wszystko po ANGIELSKU. Dla rozwojowych rekinów (SHARKS) i nienasyconych bestii (RELENTLESS BEASTS) 😊.

Zegar tyka, wyścig trwa (THE CLOCK IS TICKING, THE RACE IS ON) Bądź osobą, która ciężko i pięknie pracuje (A HARD-WORKER). Nie bądź obibokiem (A SLACKER).

Poniżej przeczytacie cytaty / fragmenty / myśli nieuczesane, które zmieniły moje życie.

Rzuć okiem, przemyśl, zmień swoje życie. Pamiętaj, że po „przebłysku” należy działać. Od samego przeczytania nie zrobisz postępu. Zapraszam. Zawsze Step by Step. Kornel Paszkiewicz.


The law of cause and effect.

Beliefs are learnt.

Give up self-limiting beliefs.

Your external world  mirrors your inner world.

Decide exactly what you want.

Detremine what price are You going to pay to be there and resolve to do it.

The 7-step process:

  1. Decide exactly what You want. Be specific.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Set the deadline.
  4. Make a list.
  5. Organize the list (checklist).
  6. Take action on Your plan.
  7. Do sth every day.

Develop the habit of courage and self-confidence.

The willingness to take risk is crucial.

Fear is a belief.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

Dare to go forward.

You can’t be successful in things You don’t care about.

Optimists think about what they want and how to get it.

Optimism is learnable

It takes GTD (Getting Things Done) and task-completion to be happy.

Task completion should be Your habit.

Increase the value of Your product.

Identify Your most valuable clients.

Brian Tracy was broke at the age of 30!

Go the extra mile (do more than others).

Become a self-made millionaire.

Work all the time You work.

Be a hard-worker, not a slacker.

Dedicate yourself to life-learning.

Become a sponge for new information

If You wanna learn how to write: write, write, wirte 😊 😊 😊

Fly with the eagles.

Mastermind group.

Make no useless acquaintances.

Networking: fish where the fish are.

Be a goal-giver, not a goal- getter.

Knowledge is power. Become the best in Your field.

Learn Your job inside out.

Practical knowledge is power.

Dress for success.

Inspire confidence.

Look like a champion.

Commit to excellence.

Focus on performance. Be a high performer.

Action exercises …

Plan strategically.

The strategic planning process:

  1. Values – what are Your most important values.
  2. Mission – search other people.
  3. Purpuse – the reason you get up in the morning.
  4. Priorities – set priorities every day.
  5. Actions – Take action.

Think on paper!

Accept 100-percent responsibility.

Never complain and never explain!

Be in complete charge of Your career.

It’s natural for our mind to reject new ideas.

Three keys to success: TEST, TEST, TEST.

Let Your performance speak for You.

Make the decision + continuous action.

The more You try the more You will be triumphant.

Plan on paper.


Success doesn’t happen by chance.

  1. The power of self-discipline.
  2. Proven success methods (study the experts).
  3. Ask Your way. Ask questions.

The clock is ticking. The race is on!

You are the architect of Your success.

Step by Step. Kornel Paszkiewicz

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